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Prevention Program

Mission Statement

" To promote a safe community for our children through culturally appropriate prevention and well-being services and teachings, which improve family wellness; through a concept of togetherness within our beliefs, tradition and language. "

The Prevention Program was established in October, 2019.

Prevention Program Goals

Primary Prevention:

  • Promotion and awareness on how to recognize and respond to child Violence and Anger Management sessions

  • Nutrition classes for teen parents

  • Awareness campaigns on how and where to report suspected child maltreatment

Secondary Prevention:

  • Group intervention or specific family support activities that are directly linked to the child protection concerns.

  • Home visit programs for new parent(s) / teen parent(s).

  • Parent mentoring programs

  • Life-skills training

  • Parenting skills training

  • Family counselling, guidance and assessment

Tertiary Prevention:

  • These activities relate to specific family member needs and are aimed at preventing/ending the crisis- to avoid removal of the child(ren) from the home.

  • Immediate crisis intervention supports

  • Intensive family preservation services

  • Family support workers

  • Restorative intervention services

  • In-home support aides

  • Child care, respite care

  • Reduce the number of children in the care of Alberta Children's Services – Intervention Services.

  • Establish well defined Intervention/

  • Prevention programs so that our children can remain with their families on reserve.

  • Reunite children that are under the care of Intervention Services, with their families and  our Community

  • For families to take responsibility in creating safety for children to remain in Whitefish Lake First Nation

What do we provide for single parents, parents and our Grandparents?

Some examples are:

Home Visits

Provide resource information on any community programs.

Advocate for children, youth and families

Support families in providing safety to children and providing community driven programming and access to services within Whitefish Lake First Nation #459


We provide support prevention services to children, families in the community…

We are active in supporting families in supporting them in accessing community programs and services for children and families.

Prevention Team

Lillian Noskiye

Prevention Team Lead

Crystal Jackson

Home Support Worker

Kelly Ann Thunder

Home Support Worker


Valerie Gladue

Community Resources & Fee-For-Service Coordinator

Becky Thunder

Home Support Worker

Vince Laboucan

Youth Mentor

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