Kinship Program

Kinship Care

Kinship care is an extended family home that’s approved to care for a child or youth in care. The caregiver has a family relationship or significant connection to the child – for example, grandparent, aunt or close family friend.  Supports for kinship care provide supports to a child and caregivers in kinship care.

Our Goals in the Kinship Program

To promote and provide for the child's need for safety, protection, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being

To promote, support, unity and wellness for family; establish and maintain a positive working relationships with families;

To encourage community involvement; to educate the community about our program; to establish and maintain positive working relationships with community service-providers and to encourage community involvement

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Role of a Kinship Caregiver

Children living in kinship require love, comfort, security and stability. WFLFN kinship care program is based on the belief that whenever possible, children will have the opportunity to live with extended family or those they feel connected to and that these connections promote the overall well-being of children and youth. Kinship care program allows for a child who needs to come into care to be placed immediately with someone familiar in Whitefish Lake First Nation #459.

Kinship Caregivers

Take care of the day-to-day needs of the child residing in their care, including the child’s physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs

Work as part of a team with the child, the parents and extended family, support network, caseworker, and other professionals

May participate in training that enhances and develops their parenting skills or is specific to the needs of the children in their care

Participate in planning meetings

Support and facilitate appropriate contact between the child and their own family

Caring Child

Kinship Caregivers Provide

A child with love and care in a familiar setting

Families with a sense of trust, stability and comfort

Guidance and reinforcement of a child’s cultural identity and positive self-esteem

An ability to support and maintain lifelong traditions and memories

Support to a child in building healthy relationships within the family

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If you are interested in becoming a Kinship Care Provider for our Nation, please call our Kinship Team:

Kinship Team